Orosur is committed to respecting and protecting the environment whilst contributing to the sustainable development of mining activities. We are constantly developing our environmental management systems and maintain formal communications with regulatory bodies.

Our comprehensive plan for managing our environmental responsibilities involves monitoring of key aspects using both internal and external laboratories. We consistently exceed our environmental regulatory requirements and aim at all times to:

  • Establish environmental standards and management systems based upon industry best practice
  • Integrate environmental factors into planning and operational processes
  • Establish broad consultation with stakeholders to assist environmental management
  • Implement measures to identify and minimise environmental impacts and risks from current and future activities
  • Efficiently use and recycle natural resources, materials, consumables and energy
  • Minimise waste generation and the release of contaminating substances to the environment
  • Meet or exceed all legal and regulatory requirements
  • Measure environmental performance through routine monitoring and auditing programmes
  • Rehabilitate the environment affected by our activities to maintain biodiversity
  • Develop and update contingency, reclamation and closure plans, ensuring that financial provisions are maintained for all present and future requirements
  • Promote environmental awareness and education among employees, contractors, the local community and other stakeholders and
  • Promote awareness of environmental performance to all stakeholders

Our mining activities at San Gregorio and the operation of the tailings storage facility are carried out under specific environmental licenses issued by the Uruguayan State. Our performance is also measured through external environmental and cyanide management audits.

Environmental Insurance

  • As required by Uruguayan law, the Company's activities are insured against potential property and environmental damages, including rehabilitation costs.

Closure Plan

  • A closure plan for the San Gregorio operation has been developed and accepted by DINAMA (the National Environmental Directorate) and is supported by a bank guarantee of US$1,500,000. The plan includes dismantling of the processing plant, re-vegetation of waste dumps, cyanide effluent treatment, sealing and re-vegetation of the tailings dam and post closure monitoring.

Arroyo Corrales River Diversion

  • The most recent significant environmental and operational milestone achieved was the approval of the Arenal expansion project that encompassed the diversion of the Arroyo Corrales River. The diversion was approximately 1.2km long and the approval process and public review were exhaustive.

Tailings Disposal

  • Our initial tailings dam lies on the western side of the San Gregorio Mine and was designed to be built in stages following production requirements. Our new tailings dam, adjacent to the old one, will provide capacity for a further 10 years of production and was completed in March 2012.
  • A cyanide destruction plant is installed at the site and contingency plans have been developed to deal with extreme circumstances that could possibly cause cyanide contamination. Monitoring bores and an underdrain system are used to ensure that no cyanide is leaking into the environment. There has never been an incident of contamination or unplanned discharge during more than 13 years of operation at Minera San Gregorio.

Waste Dumps

  • Waste rock from our mining operations does not produce acid drainage. Ongoing monitoring has demonstrated that there is no acid drainage from any stored or discarded material.