Orosur is dedicated to minimising health and safety risks to the extent reasonably possible, whilst always striving for a zero harm and a healthy productive work place.

Our goal is for each employee to go home healthy and safe after every shift and we have put procedures in place to ensure high standards of safety and wellbeing in our workforce. This is accomplished through an ongoing commitment to safeguarding and educating our employees and contractors and applying safe work systems.

  • We continually endeavour to create an embedded culture of safety on site each employee is empowered with this sense of responsibility
  • Mining operations by their very nature present inherent health and safety risks. However, preventing incidents is a key priority for the Company, and the safety of our people remains a core focal point of our operations.
  • When they do occur, incidents are subject to in-depth investigations and analysis, in order to prevent recurrence.
    • Our goal is to maintain a safe working environment
  • Our Health and Safety Policy is based on the following principles:
    • Employee safety is priority
    • Everyone benefits from incident and injuries prevention
    • It is the responsibility of each employee to observe safety rules
    • Management is directly responsible for preventing incidents and injuries
    • Health and safety targets must be clear to all employees