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Aim Rule 26 Disclosures

Committee Compositions

Committee Audit Remuneration
Louis Castro Member -
Thomas Masney Chair Member
Nick von Schirnding Member Chair

The Nominations Committee work has been assumed by the full Board of Directors.

Shares in Orosur are freely tradable on AIM and the TSX

There are no restrictions on the tradability of Orosur’s shares.

Significant shareholder disclosures:
As a Canadian incorporated business, statutory disclosure of significant shareholdings may be different and may not always ensure compliance with the requirements of AIM Rule 17. Shareholders are advised to consult the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority's Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rules Sourcebook ("DTR") when considering their requirements to disclose holdings to the Company.

Orosur is not subject to the UK City Code of Takeovers and Mergers and as such, the rights of its shareholders may be different from the rights of shareholders in a UK incorporated company.

Orosur is incorporated in Canada and operates in Uruguay as well as conducts exploration in Chile and Colombia.

Extractive Sector Transparency Act:

Constitutional and other Documentation:

AIM Corporate Governance

  • The Board recognizes the importance of good corporate governance and complies with its obligations under TSX rules, specifically National Instrument 58-101 Disclosure of Corporate Governance Practices. 
  • The Company is required to disclose its corporate governance practices each year in its Management Information Circular.
  • To comply with this TSX requirement, the Company fully and completely describes its system of corporate governance and compares its practices against the guidelines set out in Section 472 of the TSX Company Manual.

Investor Relations

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26 July 2021